Bear Mountain Petroglyph

[pdf-embedder url=””] Turtleclan Petroglyph from Bear Mountain, NY

The Involution of Wampum as Currency

The Story Told by the Colonial Ordinances of New-Netherland, 1641-1662 [pdf-embedder url=””]

American Museum of Natural History – Educator’s Guide

Hall of Eastern Woodlands Indians 2019 [pdf-embedder url=”” title=”Hall of Eastern Woodlands Indians Educator's Guide”]

The Fairlawn-Paterson Fishing Weir

Bullitin of the Archaelogical Society of New Jersey – Vol. 54, 1999 [pdf-embedder url=”” title=”The Fair Lawn_Paterson Fish Weir”]

Passaic River Weir

[pdf-embedder url=””]

Hackensack Canoe

[pdf-embedder url=””]

Corzine Letter

Indian Arts & Crafts Act – Dept of Interior May 14th, 2003   [pdf-embedder url=”” title=”Corzine letter”]

The Fairlawn/Patterson Weir

Bulletin of the Archaeological Society of New Jersey, Vol. 54, 1999 – Allen Lutins and Anthony P. DeCondo [pdf-embedder url=””] Website of the Weir [pdf-embedder url=”” title=”The Fair Lawn_Paterson Fish Weir”]

UConn with Ramapo Canoe on display

University of Connecticut has Ramapo Canoe found in Bethel, Conn. [pdf-embedder url=””]